**Windy City Newbie"

Introduce Yourself…

Getting started on new adventures and life experiences. As a fan of tiny homes, and lover of travel, Vanlife is an easy transition/goal. I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time and the universe decided I’d suffered enough, so the stars aligned… I just had to be brave enough to take a leap and grab them! :palm_up_hand: :sparkles:

Watching the summit videos now, adding to my journal of ideas and information… I’m on the hunt for my future home :minibus:. I’m excited to take on the build and have enough experience to know I’m studying to try and not screw things up. I’ll vlog/blog/memorialize my process and journey (_also a new experience for me) and probably regret telling everyone what I’m doing…

I’m a single female with a needy cat…Bitters (see photo). Any suggestions on harness training or recommendations to house an indoor cat in a van are appreciated. He definitely gets a “potty” in the build… Not so sure I get one. :wink:


I would add cheap, old, move in ready motorhomes to your options list. Many choices available for under $5,000 and they can be MUCH more comfortable than DIY stuff.

The money saved can buy a lot of travel & adventures!


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Hi Van Dweller!
Thanks for the reply. I’ve considered an RV, but part of my “journey” is to convert the vehicle myself - I have construction experience and I want the satisfaction of doing my own build, so… I am okay with the “discomfort”. :wink:

One of my main goals is to keep the build stealthy - I will be solo and will want to stop in cities overnight and RVs don’t provide that same reassurance. I also know “work” trucks are prone to break-ins… (there is an inherent risk to Van life in general).

I am on the hunt for THE vehicle… I am looking to buy from certain locations, and willing to travel to get the ‘right’ one… I wonder if there are reputable mechanics who can assess a vehicle for me before committing to go or purchase the vehicle. Any recommendations? ?



In cities, obvious camper vans, motorhomes, and even travel trailers are MUCH more stealthy than cargo vans. Instead of the creepy cargo van vibe, they give off the tourist or visiting family or friend vibe.

I am mainly a city camper myself, and cargo vans were nothing but trouble.


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