Will be on the road soon


I will be on the road in about one year. Looking forward to meeting some of you. I live in Texas so when I start out I will be traveling around Texas seeing thing I haven’t seen and revisiting some places also.


What vehicle are you hitting the road with?


It will be a van. I haven’t purchased it yet. I will need to get solar for sure.


Agreed! Do you have any experience with solar, or do you plan on learning?


The only thing I know about solar is by watching YouTube videos. I’m going to have a window unit 10,000 or 15,000 I don’t know if that is too much. TV, laptop, cell phone, hot plate. And I would like to have a small dorm size refrigerator. My concern is I won’t have enough solar to run everything. I wasn’t going to get a generator just depend on solar.


I’m not too good with solar but i’m pretty sure there’s a way to calculate everything before you set it up.


That’s quite a power load. One area you can save amp hours on is the fridge Dometic, whinter, and a few others have top load compressor units that can even freeze if you like. They aren’t cheap but nither is food. They use very little in amps compared to dorm and inverter set ups.and led lighting is great. Hope this helps you out. Good luck with your build.


Thanks I appreciate your help.