WiFi is just out of reach


So I’m parked at my RV park here in Amazonland and I can’t reach the campground WiFi from my site. Technically I can get some but it’s not quite enough to stream video most of the time.

Does anybody have any tips for cheap simple ways to pick up the signal a little better. I looked at WiFi repeaters but I feel like I will need access to the router to set one up. I’m mainly trying to use it for phones but also a tablet, laptop, and Chromecast.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks



I have an el cheapo ~$10 12 dbi gain magnetic mount antenna that plugs into my router. On the rare occasion that I need it, I just stick it to my hood, and run the cable through the cracked front window. It will usually boost the signal by 3-4 bars.


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What kind of router are you talking about? I don’t quite understand what you mean. Do you pick up WiFi on the antenna and then run it to a personal router in your van? Do you have your own network with it’s own name?



Well, I kind of feel like a dummy when it comes to this stuff. I basically walked into a computer shop, and told them that I lived in my van, and needed something to get WIFI when it was out of range, and it needed to work on 12v and not use much power. So $40 later, I have this black box with 2 antenna’s on it, that plugs into the ciggy lighter, and a magnet mount antenna. Some people say I have a router, and others say I have a repeater, all I know for sure is it works.

They told me if I didn’t get a signal to plug the box in and try again, and if it still didn’t work to add the outside antenna to it. And it works, just like that. If I have no wifi available, and I turn the box on, I may see 5 different ones, and if I add the outside antenna, that number may double or more.

I can usually pick up free wifi from the parking lot or nearby streets without the outside antenna, and with it, even better. It’s just a black box, and it doesn’t seem to have a name on it, neither does the antenna, so for only $40 total, I figure they are el cheapo generic stuff, but as long as they work I’m happy.

If I can’t get a free signal, I also have a Cricket USB dongle that plugs in for my own wifi at $55/mo unlimited, but many of the free ones seem faster.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller


That sounds like just the thing! Do you have the make/model name or a picture? Thanks!



Sorry no pictures and no camera since it got stolen at an RTR a few years ago. Neither has a brand name on it either.

A friend says what I have is a high gain repeater and a high gain magnetic mount external antenna.

I’d suggest doing exactly as I did, go into a small mom & pop computer shop and tell them what you need. The two combined cost me like $40 a number of years back, for a reference.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller


Sounds like a good start. Thanks again!