WiFi is just out of reach


So I’m parked at my RV park here in Amazonland and I can’t reach the campground WiFi from my site. Technically I can get some but it’s not quite enough to stream video most of the time.

Does anybody have any tips for cheap simple ways to pick up the signal a little better. I looked at WiFi repeaters but I feel like I will need access to the router to set one up. I’m mainly trying to use it for phones but also a tablet, laptop, and Chromecast.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks



I have an el cheapo ~$10 12 dbi gain magnetic mount antenna that plugs into my router. On the rare occasion that I need it, I just stick it to my hood, and run the cable through the cracked front window. It will usually boost the signal by 3-4 bars.


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What kind of router are you talking about? I don’t quite understand what you mean. Do you pick up WiFi on the antenna and then run it to a personal router in your van? Do you have your own network with it’s own name?



Well, I kind of feel like a dummy when it comes to this stuff. I basically walked into a computer shop, and told them that I lived in my van, and needed something to get WIFI when it was out of range, and it needed to work on 12v and not use much power. So $40 later, I have this black box with 2 antenna’s on it, that plugs into the ciggy lighter, and a magnet mount antenna. Some people say I have a router, and others say I have a repeater, all I know for sure is it works.

They told me if I didn’t get a signal to plug the box in and try again, and if it still didn’t work to add the outside antenna to it. And it works, just like that. If I have no wifi available, and I turn the box on, I may see 5 different ones, and if I add the outside antenna, that number may double or more.

I can usually pick up free wifi from the parking lot or nearby streets without the outside antenna, and with it, even better. It’s just a black box, and it doesn’t seem to have a name on it, neither does the antenna, so for only $40 total, I figure they are el cheapo generic stuff, but as long as they work I’m happy.

If I can’t get a free signal, I also have a Cricket USB dongle that plugs in for my own wifi at $55/mo unlimited, but many of the free ones seem faster.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller


That sounds like just the thing! Do you have the make/model name or a picture? Thanks!



Sorry no pictures and no camera since it got stolen at an RTR a few years ago. Neither has a brand name on it either.

A friend says what I have is a high gain repeater and a high gain magnetic mount external antenna.

I’d suggest doing exactly as I did, go into a small mom & pop computer shop and tell them what you need. The two combined cost me like $40 a number of years back, for a reference.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller


Sounds like a good start. Thanks again!


we use WeBoost - I just posted an article here about it
hope this helps its saved me many times


@WeRollWithIt Do you guys actually think WeBoost does anything? I have one as well but I’ve never seen evidence that it actually works. I know they send lots of us units to promote but I never felt like it brought value…and honestly it doesn’t seem like others have either. What’s your service provider?


Ours definitely works, I’ve been in places with no service and then put up the antenna to have cell service or been at one bar and boosted to 3 bars. It’s definitely saved me many times for work


wow! that’s great to know. What kind of router do you have?



I don’t think I actually have a router, just a high gain repeater and a high gain external magnet mount antenna that plugs into it to give it even more pick up power. This repeater pulls in the far away signal and amplifies it to make it usable, so it may act as a router as well. When in use, we can connect with multiple devices through it.


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