Wifi for on the road


Does anyone have any recommendations for which wifi is the best to use on the road?

Thanks so much!

Alice M.

If you are talking which service, I am in Canada so it probably won’t apply, but I get 50GB of full speed, then throttled speed for unlimited data, shared amongst any number of SIM cards I want, for $125.

As for hardware, I’ve tried a few different things out and I really like the Cradlepoint IBR600 series. They run directly on vehicle 12v, are rugged, dual SIM, dual RJ45, and WWAN/WLAN capable.

I have a similar plan with Tmobile that I pay an extra $50 on top of my phone plan for 50gb unlimited and then throttled in high traffic areas after. It’s pretty hard to hit the 50gb unless you’re streaming consistently. Regardless even at throttled speeds it’s enough to have some zoom meetings and stream netflix.

We added a cell booster and it’s made a significant difference for us. Our next step is dropping my wife’s phone plan from Tmobile and setting hers up on AT&T so we have a few options.

Oh awesome okay!

Thank you so much!