Why I am on this forum

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Hey everyone!
I am super interested in learning more about van life! I am writing a thesis about the influence of the bohemian subculture on van life community and lifestyle, so this forum could be really useful! Additionally, I’m very interested in possibly becoming a van lifer myself in the near future :smiley:

Greetings & Welcome!

You’ve come to the right place. I don’t know much about the Bohemian subculture, but I’ve been living the mobile lifestyle since 1973.


"Creepy cargo vans hurt everybody's reputation." ~ Public_Opinions_Count


welcome to the forum im sure you will learn lots here and i suspect you may find two sides to the impressions that people have about this lifestyle

im my opinion bohemia is not a destination but rather a journey and the journey i suspect may differ to the wistful adventurers you find on instagram

i am currently in the planning stage and have now logged weeks of looking at you tube both the good and the bad to ensure that when it comes to parting with hard earned cash im making the right decisions.

good luck and we look forward to hearing all about your journey