Who makes the cheapest Van Life Conversion?

I have been looking at used sprinters, transits and ambulances and can’t help but wonder, does anyone make a cheap/good/fast van life conversion package with shower, bathroom, kitchen, bed? Seems like a good idea except it’s also very niche.

Ty, Josh

Generally, when speaking about cheap/good/fast, you get to pick only two. That being said, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a ‘conversion package’, most are custom builds and there are a variety of shops nowadays offering a conversion service. I’m sure there’s one in your area.

Greetings !

You have 2 options for cheap, good, & fast, an older factory Class B or an older motorhome.

Older Class B’s start at around $2,500, and older motorhomes start at about $1,000. Both can be found in great shape, and are move in ready.


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