Which vehicle should I buy?


Hi, I’m planing to start a new life but I don’t know if I should buy a van or a car. I’m a solo women and I need something easy and safe. I don’t understand a lot about cars so if something broke I’ll be completely lost so I need something easy. I want something cheap, easy to repair if something happen. I also want everything fit inside my car. I don’t care about space since is just me and my little dog. But I want a bed and a small fridge. I saw some videos and some people says that a Land Rover Levander 110 it’s good. But I would like you guys recommadation.


You should checkout this blog


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You didn’t mention where you’re from or where you’re heading, this can make a difference.

Here in the USA, Land Rover’s are known for being unreliable and money pits.

I’m a big supporter of camper vans with lots of windows, or small motor homes with lots of windows. Extra emphasis on lots of opening windows because they make everything better, and can save a small fortune in heating, cooling, and lighting costs, and allows you to avoid the cost and hassle of leaky roof vents. I’m also a huge supporter of having your own kitchen and bathroom.

Vans make it a lot easier to have a full featured, self contained home on wheels than smaller vehicles do, and of course many factory campers are basically move in ready and an older & cheaper one can save save you a bunch of money in the long run.


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