Which inverter should I buy?


Hi guys! Stoked to be a new owner of a great van. Just wondering what inverter to buy to charge up basically a laptop and camera battery from installed second battery? I was overwhelmed by the choice at Walmart!



I would avoid an inverter all together if at all possible. Car cords are available for almost everything, and they’re much more efficient.



Some battery powered devices will charge only with that manfacturer’s charger as it has to be reconized by the device. Some only offer 120 volt AC chaargers. Be carful what you buy as using a 12 volt charger is more efficient. If you must use an inverter then only power it when actually charging and get the smallest one that will for sure power the chargers by comparing wattages. Watts equals amps x volts. My 120 volt laptop charger uses 1.5 amps so 180 watts, my phone can be charged with a 12 volt charger but if I had to a 120 charger uses less than 1 amp so 120 watts so if using both at the same time 300 watts. Be aware doing this would most likely use more amperage than you vehicles accessory plug in is fused for. I would highly recomend wiring the inverter with a fused larger guage wire and switch(you could just pull the fuse when not in use) directly from the nearby battery. Some computorized devices require a pure sign wave inverter to function so check for that before buying an inverter. I bought 350 watt pure sign wave inverter for $103.


the main concern is to select the wattage of the inverter which depends on how much power you need from it at a time.

the second thing to mention is whether to choose a pseudo sine inverter or a completely sine-wave inverter. I know psuedo sine wave is harmful for some load but you may choose if just for ordinary tools.

here we have so cheap inverter such that you can afford a 3000 W pseudo sine inverter for just 1500 USD


A lcd power inverter is cheap and easy to fix. Check your part numbers carefully as the same laptop could have several different part numbers for the same model. A backlight is a little harder to fix and to be honest is probably the issue with your pc. I’ve seen hundreds of laptops with the issue you describe and most of the time its the backlight. check this




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