Which heating system is best

Anyone any suggestions on what the best heating system is. I have a 2017 Dodge ProMaster, gasoline engine and am living in Canada. Thank you.

In our experience you get what you pay for. After everything else we paid for, we ended up paying for a Webasto. You already have the fuel on hand, it burns very very little and takes up the least amount of space of any heater out there I have seen.

If you put it under a seat, the install much more difficult due to all the vans workings being up front as well. In hindsight this really is not much of an advantage as you just have to store the jack somewhere else. If I installed it again, I would do it in in the rear under the bed.

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Awesome, thanks so much. Really appreciate your input.

I would reccomend a Planar, Equal quality to the Wabasto. You being in Canada will have better access to this brand than what you will find in the states. It is a Russian made product but it is top quality and well proven. I installed one with relative ease I have a gasoline vehicle but I installed with a 2 gallon diesel heater tank. It works wonderful. 168° discharge air temperature. The Webastos are overpriced in my opinion because their popular. I did not want to go as far as the Chinese diesel heater although I think many of the mechanical components are comparable. Most of the concern is over the control of the diesel heater in the Chinese models. The planer brand is used very commonly throughout the very cold winters in Russia in diesel vehicles truckers etc. It has all the quality but for less the price. I paid roughly $725. I believe you would pay double that for a Wabasto. Morning me was purchased through a van builder in Colorado. Good luck…. If you decide to put air conditioning in specifically a 12 V model. I have another great recommendation out of Canada for less than $2000. It is equal to the $4000 nomad unit.

@Trav - I paid around $900 for my webasto so not much more really and did not need to install an extra fuel tank. I agree though, they are overpriced, but with everything, you get what you pay for.

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