Where to use the restroom, and how to make money?

Hello, I am in high school and Drivers Ed is right around the corner and I would love to convert my own van and live in it!! But I have a couple of concerns. First, where exactly to use the restroom, I know most are probably going to say “Public restrooms,” but most of the time those are disgustingly dirty. And my second main concern is how exactly to make money while on the road. I had a couple ideas in mind but they probably wouldn’t make much.


In my opinion, no camper van is complete without a toilet and a shower.

A job and money are THE most important thing in life. Get started immediately building an online income. When it gets to double what you can live comfortably on, then you can start to decide how and where you want to live.

Even with money, vandwelling is only for a very few people. RV dwelling suits a much bigger crowd better, and a house or apartment is still the best choice for the majority of people. Don’t believe the promoters, social media, youtube, instagram etc. They’re all after your money. Real life isn’t full of rainbows and roses, in fact living on wheels is MUCH harder than living in a house or apartment, and having a regular job. Weekenders and vacationers are typically much happier than full timers, until after retirement. Family and friends are one of the most precious things in life, and turning your back on them, to pursue selfish wants, can ruin lives and relationships. Never burn your bridges or you’ll regret it.

The road will always be there, there is no rush. Work hard and build a good life while you’re young, the more time you waste the harder it gets. Full timing is much better later in life, especially after retirement, when you’ve saved up enough money to really enjoy it. The good life requires money, the more the better. There’s no fun in being broke, jobless, and homeless. Too many people are just one breakdown away from just that fate, don’t be one of them.

I worked construction for 40 years while living on wheels, switching areas between jobs, and exploring the areas on my days off. It was enjoyable, but only because I worked full time so I had money. Today, I make my money online. I work less hours and make more money, but it’s a business you have to work hard at and build it up over time. Take your time, and build a good life and your money making skills while you’re young and it’s easy. Travel improves with age and wisdom. Don’t waste your youth on foolishness, the road will always be there.


"Proper planning, preparation, and equipment, ensure proper performance." ~ Road Warrior

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