Where to start?

Clueless Newbie here…

Hi I’m Stephanie I was thinking of doing van life later down the road, because it seems interesting especially considering the road trip possibilities, I have a small dog, about 12 years old, and I’m a complete newbie so I have no idea where to start, because idk what van I should get or how to diy it but buying one already made is probably too expensive so my question is how do I begin? Where do I start?

Greetings & Welcome!

Actually, older factory camper vans and small motorhomes can often be the cheapest route, and move in ready. Just doing a quick cursory search, I found a dozen really nice ones for under $5k, and dozens for under $10k. Many had very low miles on them, and recently serviced before selling.

Over the years I’ve had many factory campers, and also built many myself. Usually older factory campers will be better than any DIY one, and they hold their value better too. There are still tons of both factory camper vans and motorhomes around from the 70’s & 80’s in excellent shape for cheap prices.

Floorplans mean everything, nothing beats a good floorplan, and there are tons of options available. The best ones are fully self contained, and make for easy living. Most DIY one’s aren’t. Going to a gym for showers and using public toilets is for the birds.


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