When van shopping

So I went van shopping today, just to get a feeling for one. I checked on RAM, Ford Transit, Mercedes sprinter, and a Thor Rv.

If I do do the rv life again is will be a Vega Thor, tiny class A. However, the Ram is too small. So it id 100% either between a high top Ford or High Top Mercedes Sprinter.

I even got a quote how much I need to get this van and the lowest payment. It was a very productive day.

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Just wanting to cheer you on since I am still in the research stage.


Be aware that these vans have different interior widths. Promaster 74", Sprinter 70", and transit 68". I’m building out a Sprinter, so I had to add flares to put the bed across and have enough head/foot room. If you put the bed longways, it doesn’t matter as much, but would take up more interior wall space.
Good Luck!

Dorothy, the research is the fun part!! I love research. Thanks for cheering.

Miller_Epps, thanks for the tip. I will keep that on mind. I am more focused on how I am going to place my bed. Once i figure that out, it will all fall into place.

I think I will be ordering the 3D Van build program in a few weeks.

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In one of the videos for van life academy, the guy talks about the pros and cons of the interior for build out. The pro master is more square inside which makes it easier to fit stuff.

I don’t know, I looked at the RAMs at Johnson RVs and I felt closed in. I did like the pop-up bed idea on the top, now that I have looked at one.

I don’t need to worry about putting my bed anyway in the van if i went that route. However, I didn’t like the ladder idea.