When in build to run wires!


I’m working on planning my electrical system. I’ve seen multiple recommendations to not have wiring within the insulation, but from what I can see many people run their wires prior to or during the insulation process. I’ve been using FarOutRide’s wiring tutorial and diagram and they noted that ampacity reduces by 30% if in insullation… I’m planning on using woollife for insulation (loose wool, not wool batts). I had been planning to run wires prior to the wool insulation (since it’d make running wires easier to hide), but now I’m second guessing. Instead I could insulate first, run wires second on top of insullation, and then put up walls…?

Any thoughts on whether wires should be run through insulation vs on top of insullation vs…?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, I would insulate first and than run the wires, and depends what van you have, I would run the wires on the chase that is close to the ceiling, the one that goes all around the van, most factory wires are already run up there, make sure to take pictures and measurement so that you don’t run the risk of damaging the wires with fasteners when you make the finishing walls. Cheers


I run my wires where the roof & walls meet, concealed behind the molding strip that hides the junction. Depending on the build, I might duplicate it along the floor/wall junction.

The ability to access the wiring quickly and easily is always a blessing.


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Thanks for the wire.