Wheel recommendation

yesterday, on our way home, we got a flat tire so we have to stop and look for a tire shop. luckily, we found one and he advise us to buy a new tire to replace his old one. do you recommend any good shop? tho i already found one here, what do you guys think?


That link went to a wheel, not a tire…

You didn’t mention where you’re at, but my favorite tire shop is Les Schwab if you happen to be in the PNW. Great people & great service. I always try to plan any tire updates for when I’m in their area.

If we’re talking wheels, I try to keep mine bone stock.


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Asking for specific shops is a location dependent thing, where you are would help a lot.

All over the US there are walmarts almost everywhere, they sell tires and batteries so if you are on the move there will probably be a walmart close to where you are IF you need warranty work.