What vehicle is this build in?

When I came across this picture, I gasped. It’s my dream home. If I could duplicate this set-up, stove, A/C and all but change the fabric and switch the dog for a golden retriever, I’d move in and never leave! How are you all on wood burning stoves in vans?

Can anyone figure out what vehicle this was built in? It’s the perfect amount of living space. My luck, it’s probably a tow trailer, given the absence of a bathroom or kitchen area. The bottom right corner looks like a green (possibly blue-ish) driver’s seat? Maybe? I won’t hold my breath but I really do like this. A lot.
ETA: There was no information on the site I got the picture from but, if it helps, here’s the link to where I found the picture.


That’s a school bus.

Wood burners kill stealth, wood is very heavy, and frequently full of insects.


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Thanks. I’m glad to know so I can get over it but I can’t get over the cozy cottage/cabin feel of it.

As for the wood burning stove, that’s why I ruled it out. Whether boondocking or in a city, the smoke and fireplace smell would attract attention. That’s too bad because it would be the great to have otherwise.


The Bluebird Mini-Birds are one of my favorites actually… Sturdy as they come, and some even have automatic chains, push a button to engage them.



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