What To Think Of This Ebay Van Listing?

Will you look at this listing as if you were going to buy? Impressions? What do you think about the Experian AutoCheck Vehicle History Report? My first time searching for a van on eBay. Not ready to buy yet but I’m impressed by this listing and I like the van. I do see the rust but maybe I wouldn’t be keeping this rig forever.

Just want to know what you think I should feel about this type of listing. Thanks!


Hmmm… This is a tough one sight unseen…

I see a few red flags.

Those seats have way more mileage on them than the van supposedly has.

The true mileage on the van is a total unknown. Somewhere between 2001 & 2005 the speedometer was replaced. Since it was a government vehicle for at least 14 years, it could well have over a million miles on it. It also bothers me that the seller isn’t being totally honest about the mileage.

I like that the second owner kept it for 16 years, but the fact that the current owner is dumping it after only 2 months, and it says it needs work, could very well mean it needs more work than it’s worth.

The license tags expired in July 2021, so it probably didn’t pass inspection, so the second owner sold it really cheap to the current owner. I think I saw this van for sale for $300 a few months back when I was looking for a van for someone else.

It’s advertised on the Sacramento Craigslist for $4500… I think this guy is looking for a sucker but having a hard time finding one.

The finished interior with many opening windows is a huge plus though, and a time & money saver…

I would probably suggest a pass on this one, but if I bought it, I would plan on it needing all new running gear, steering, brakes, suspension, and possibly more.


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Thanks. I can follow your thinking about it. You brought up many more points than I could have, so I learned a lot.