What mods void the van's factory warranty?

Hi, I’m Robyn and I’m new here. I currently own a T@B 400 Travel Trailer, but after almost 9 years of towing, I’m ready for a change. So, I’m currently planning to buy a new/new-ish van and do as much of the work I can myself for the experience and sense of accomplishment (hopefully not sense of failure!)

I keep going back and forth on which vehicle I want. I was totally sold on the Transit at first and now I’m back to the Promaster.

My question is, what mods void the factory warranty on the van? Is this something that I can avoid, or am I’m losing some great functionality that is really important?


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Any changes to the factory wiring or the drivetrain would likely void the warranty.

Older, fully depreciated American made vans will be cheaper and hold their value better. In my humble opinion, the full sized vans from the 70’s & 80’s are MUCH more comfortable driving than anything newer.

The newer vans, and especially the Euro styled vans don’t meet my criteria for either comfort or reliability.


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