What kind of cost should I expect for an electrical install?

Hi guys, I recently bought (nearly all) my electrical parts for the van. Does anyone know what’s an expected price for an electrical install on a Vauxhall Movano MWD.

I had a guy quote £1800 including a 50ltr fridge. I thought that was quite pricey considering I’ve got the majority of the bits? Or am I dumb…

I already have

x2 leisure batteries
x1 Solar panel
x8 LED lights
x2 USB Ports
x1 Mains Socket
x2 Control Panels
x1 Split charge relay
x1 circuit breaker
x1 fuse block
Electrical wires

Any help would be nice :muscle:t3:

I’m not sure on the on the exact conversion, but a good 50ltr fridge might cost ~$1000 USD or more if you are going with a dometic or similar. Maybe run what you can yourself and just have them do the parts you feel are tricky or are unsure about.

Doing it properly takes a lot of work, training, and certification. I’d probably charge the same or more if someone hired me to do it. With so few young people going into the trades such as electricians and plumbers there’s a shortage. Supply and demand at work. Certified plumbers and electricians here in the US are sometimes making as much as doctors.