What is your favourite Vanlife Youtube Channel?

I’m growing tired of the bigger Vanlife Youtube Channels, I won’t mention names as I’m not here to hate, I just feel a lot have lost their roots and what made them great.
Apart from Vancity Vanlife, love that guy!

So my first post here is to ask who you watch?
Anyone, anywhere, but I’m interested to hear about some smaller channels that deserve more exposure, in an attempt to do, well, jus that!

I look forward to adding some channels to my line up.

All my vest best from an older gent who lives vicariously through those on the net.

Hi Ghostly!

I’ve looked at many YT Van life channels over the last six years or so.

But the only one I actually “sort of“ follow is FnA Vanlife.

If you’re not familiar with that, they are a young couple (I’m an older, too). Right now they are doing a nine month trip through nine South American countries.

Im enjoying what I’ve seen of that, but I also enjoy going back and looking at their older videos where they give a lot of tips and show the process of having their second van painted on the outside.

I like them because they don’t put on “airs”. They are very down to earth and they tell about the bad things that happen as well as the good. Let me know what you think of them if you haven’t already checked them out.

F is the guy, Frankie, and A is the girl, Alex. I think they named it FnA Vanlife as in Freak-n-Awesome or something similar. Here’s their Logo

I’ll check out the one you mentioned, and if I think of any more I’ll post that too. Happy campering!