What is this van looking for something similar

Looking to pick up another van for a build anyone know what this is caught my eye design size etc is possibly what I’m looking for


Looks like mid 1980’s to early 90’s european van, something made by Renault, Peugeot, Fiat etc with an aftermarket high top / camper conversion.

Modern vans are rather huge in comparison, one of the closest could be Ford Transit Custom or VW T6, lifted with bigger wheels and camper conversion. https://vwt5-t6upgrades.co.uk/the-4-motion-camper-project/ something like in that link, just add high top for more clearance.

Similar thoughts
Swb Renault high top

The van on the photo looks like a 2nd generation Iveco Daily. Could be also sold under different makes, Fiat, Zastava, I have no idea how they were sold in the US.
Iveco Daily is still in production, all the time with 4WD / AWD :slight_smile:
You could also look for Mercedes Sprinter, they too have 4WD possible :slight_smile: Though no idea if in the US on with SWB.

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Spot on. I was not able to pinpoint hood or front bumper to anything myself.

Iveco Daily Turbo 4x4 classic allrad Wohnmobil Expedition Camper (image is from Pinterest)

Thanks for info looks like the same rig
I’m in the uk
But never seen one on the road
Thanks again for the id