What is a Wiki post?


What is a wiki post?

A wiki post is a special type of post that can be edited by any user, except users at Trust Level 0 (new)

What is the purpose of a wiki post?

Wiki posts can be used to when you want to give everyone in the community the power to edit & contribute to a post, in order to add more value/information into it.
For example, we are using a Wiki post for ‘Expenses on the Road’. This is because we want everyone to be able to list out the different types of expenses, in one neat place.

Who can create or remove wiki posts?

For the time being only Trust Level 3 (regular) users can create or remove a wiki

Don’t get confused though, any user (except Trust Level 0 users) can EDIT a wiki post or add information to it, they just can’t create their own wiki or remove someone else’s.

How to spot a wiki post…

  • Most of the time the following will be mentioned at the top of the post “This is a Wiki post”

  • New users (at Trust Level 0) will only see a green pencil icon at the top right of a wiki post (note: TL 0 users can NOT edit wikis).

  • All other users will see the same green pencil & instead of a reply button, they will see a edit button

How to create or remove a wiki post (only for users at TL 3)

  1. At the bottom of every post you will see the following Capture2. Click the 3 dots

  2. Then click on the wrench iconCapture3

  3. Then hit Capture4

  4. To remove a wiki follow steps from 1-2, then click Capture%202

Properties of a wiki post

  • While editing a wiki post you can also view revision & the history of previous edits, along with the user that previously edited the wiki post.

  • If two users are editing the post at the same time, the latest save becomes the latest revision, thus overwriting the contents of the previous save.

  • Any post of a topic can be transformed manually into a wiki. It does not necessarily have to be the original post

A live example of a wiki post is located right below this post

Feel free to familiarize yourself with it by editting it, and playing around with it.

The Expenses of Living life on the Road

This is a wiki post, any user (except users at TL 0) can edit this. While only users at TL 3 can create or remove it.

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