What are your hobbies?

Hello everyone !
Do you have special hobbies during your road trips? For my part I love to cut kitchen utensils in wood. It takes time but I find it very pleasant to do :blush:


Greetings & Welcome!

My outside the van hobbies are helping family, friends, & neighbors, then volunteering helping the homeless, the elderly, the disabled, and animals. There seems to be plenty of opportunities wherever I roam.

Most of my inside the van time is spent either making money, or exploring new ways to make money.

I also enjoy fishing, boating, ice sailing, and playing my harmonica and concertina. I also like teaching survival skills.


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Welcome :slight_smile:

Your hobby is outstanding. These utensils are looking awesome. I mostly do baking and painting. Also loves to play GK games. Recently, playing this game https://www.siliconflip.com/quiz/. It asks questions whenever your prediction about coin flipping gets wrong. Even, it is good for kids to increase their general knowledge.

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My hobby is singing and rapping mainly. I am a big fan of Mac Miller and Eminem. I like to collect room posters of different big rappers to get motivated. I also like to play games in my free time.

When I am out and about I like to hike, swim, fish, just explore. Now that my kids are older (24 & 16) They donโ€™t want to go with me as much, so I am dragging my husband out and about a bit more. LOL
I am currently learning primitive skills. I am recently into bow and arrow making. I made my first gil net, its uneven, but I will probably tear it apart and start again to hone my skill. When we were younger our stepdad took us bouldering. I will be getting back into that as well. Im 44 and still act like I am 22!! LOL!!
I work part time as a dog walker and I do customer service working remotely. I can take that anywhere with me.

As for weird hobbies Iโ€™ve got to say about my husband. While traveling heโ€™s really got into creating foil figures with our little daughter. There are some photos below.
Also, he is into making some creatures from our bushes. I even presented him a set of shears as a Christmas gift last year.
foil foil1.PNG