What Are Your Favorite Gadgets?

I am a gadget person! I think that’s why I have enjoyed upgrading my TT. ( I am thinking of a van build in the future)
I have a couple.
My gas generator is awesome! I can boondock just about anywhere!
I love my little solar generator! No gas generator after 10 pm??? No Problem! Runs my lights and mini-fridge!
I have a little gadget I can put in my sink and wash my clothes. It agitates and spins! Pretty cool!
My porta potty has saved us plenty of times on the beach!
My Shower saved us on the beach and we can take longer trips!
Next is my fridge. A bigger, better fridge. I am waiting for it to go on sale. I hate the ice!
What are your fave gadgets?

I like to get away from gadgets when camping. Would rather read a book or sit around a campfire.

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A generator for the win definitely!

That washer thing looks like it might be fun, I just have a bucket & a plunger. Works good, and no power required.

I have lights & radios that have multiple power options, solar, battery, or hand crank, and one flashlight that you shake to charge it. I also have a crystal radio that requires no additional power source.

I have kerosene/multi-fuel for heating, lighting, cooking, and fans. Eventually possibly for refrigeration and a swamp cooler too.

I have 12v heating/cooling seat cushions & blankets, power pack powered heating/cooling clothing & accessories, and evaporation powered cooling hats, clothing and accessories. 12v fans & a 12v swamp cooler as well.

I have non powered heavily insulated cold weather gear, and a wearable sleeping bag.

I have a fire coil to heat unlimited amounts of water with my campstove, heater, or a campfire.

Last but not least, I have an isolator, a generator, and a battery charger to keep my house battery charged regardless of the weather.

I don’t know how many of these things I would classify as gadgets, but I certainly enjoy my amenities…

My goal is to have all my essentials fuel powered rather than battery or shore powered. Of course my generator will take care of both with the use of fuel.


"Always avoid expensive solutions to cheap problems." ~ OffGrid

Hello everyone!
I love gadgets, they are designed to make our life easier, and what could be better than easy life :sweat_smile:

Here is my Top 5

  1. Espresso maker
  2. Solar power bank
  3. Steamer pot
  4. Portable washing machine
  5. Travel version of fridge

Okay, I admit that I use some gadgets. I use this one especially around dinner time (don’t want to miss dinner!).