What are the most popular annual Vanlife meetups each Summer

Can we put together a list of all the best vanlife meetups and their date/month in which they occurred each summer IE Descend on Bend.


There’s a fairly large number of them in the PNW each spring, summer, and fall. Some of my favorites are at Rimrock Lake, about 60 miles W of Yakima, The Potholes group which meets up near Moses Lake, a Deer Park group N. of Spokane, then there’s another one late in the summer at Cape Disappointment where the Columbia flows into the Pacific Ocean. I attended all of those, and they were all great a few years ago.

In Oregon there’s McIver State Park, Bend, and the Tillamook Airport that I know of, but haven’t attended.

In the winter, Slab City and Quartzsite are good, but steer clear of the band of thieves at the RTR outside of Q, seems like nice people but they kept stealing all my stuff. Every day I was there, more and more stuff disappeared. Same group and problems at Ehrenberg. Never a problem with other groups. The giant flea market atmosphere at Q is really something though and shouldn’t be missed.

Both the Slabs & Q are great places to winter, but it can get cold at night. The Slabs are free, and the LTVA areas around Q are $180 for 6 months to stay in one place, or free if you move 25+ miles every 2 weeks.


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