What 12 volt fan are you running?


What brand/model/design 12 volt fans is everybody running. Seems like a billion options to choose from out there.

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I just purchased a cheap one of eBay. Only cost about $15AUD


Do you know what brand/model it is?



I have a couple of 02Cool 10" ac/dc/battery tent fans that I got from Walmart for I think under $15 each. They move just as much air as the much more expensive Endless Breeze fan by Fantastic, and have lasted years longer. I use one with my swamp cooler if it really gets hot.

I also have a smaller 12v clip on fan that is clipped on to my drinkholder on my engine cover. Can’t remember where I bought it or how much, but they’re cheap and readily available. Mine has lasted 20+ years with a squirt of WD-40 about once a year.