We're finally doing it!


Introduce Yourself…

Hi from under a tree in Modimolle, Limpopo, South-Africa!

Recently married & ready to take on a new adventure!

We {myself, my hubby, and our furkids} will be purchasing a caravan for a start and do a bit of honeymoon/holiday for a while. Thereafter, who knows. For now, I’m just doing some reading about How To, then we will kit the caravan out to fill our basic needs, then we’ll take this journey as it goes!

The major thing we’ve always been concerned about was making an income while traveling, but we don’t mind doing any type of job available. We also prefer to keep things simple. Not sure if there are any other South-Africans on here with a few tips?

One thing is for sure, we’re quite excited about this new life choice!


Are you purchasing a dodge caravan?


Greetings and Welcome!

I would strongly suggest getting your income plans sorted out first and foremost. Jobs can be hard to find on the road. Certain widespread much in demaand skills can take you a long ways though. Short of farm work, or other seasonal work, most employers are looking for long term and stable employees.



Although our dream is to one day have something closer to an RV or the size of a bus (but this plan is for when we get the opportunity to vanlife in the states or maybe in Australia or somewhere else abroad, not while we are still in South Africa), at the moment the opportunity presented itself for us to have a Ci Sprite Sprinter Compact, :slightly_smiling_face: we’re still waiting to pick her up!


Thanks, yeah I’m working on having an income plan.

We have a broad skill set, we can pretty much do anything and don’t mind doing little piece jobs, however I know we need to have a better plan, we know people prefer long term and stable employees.



Nice looking rig, hopefully it’ll be comfy!