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This is my 3rd or 4th Van Life seminar. Sadly they have yet to simplify jumping in and out of talks. Every time they have to send me a new “magic link” #vanlifesummit


This shouldn’t be happening. It works fine on my end.
Can you let me know which browser you are using? and if it has cookies enabled.


I’ve been having trouble here on the forum since the last update too…

I’m using firefox on a laptop, and it may delete cookies on exit. The real problem is that I have my username & password saved, so when I go to log in, it auto-fills them in. Instead of logging me in normally, it claims no username of password was entered, and makes me type them in manually, very frustrating…

Prior to the update it worked perfectly.


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I’ll fix this for you. We just need to update your username in our backend system and then you can try logging out and logging back in and it should work.

Let me get on this tomorrow morning.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Rest assured we will get that fixed!


I already did the update with new system, and if I log off, but don’t restart my browser, it will log me in without needing to enter my username or password, probably via cookies.

If I exit the browser, I’m guessing that it deletes the cookies, and I have no control over that. Then when I try to log in, I get the prompt for username & password, which is fine, and my browser auto enters my correct username & password, but for some reason the system isn’t seeing it, even though it is clearly visible on my end.

Hope this helps, and I appreciate it…


"A cheap factory camper van or motorhome beats
an expensive project every time." ~ Truth_Matters!

I looked into this, and the solution is quite simple. Just update your saved password so that your instead of your browser populating your username, it instead populates your email.

Our new login form does not let people sign in with their username and instead uses their email.

I know it sucks, but it’s a tiny sacrifice to make for the amount of changes and growth that this community is about to see in the coming years, thanks to the new backend system we setup.

Let me know if that works for you or if you need any more help.


My browser is putting my email & password in, I changed that as soon as the system was changed, yet it still tells me there is no email or password, even though there is and it’s correct. I have to erase both, then manually enter them before it will recognize them.


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If you go into your browsers Settings > Saved Passwords you can update this so it automatically puts in the correct username and password.

I believe this guide shows you how to do that: Edit or delete a login with the Firefox Password Manager | Firefox Help

That way you won’t have to do it over and over manually.