Webasto osaka Air con unit

Hope someone can help! i have an air con unit from a Peugot boxer Utah from the back of the van. It was used as a disabled transport vehicle taking the unit out with a view to selling but its connected to a unit which I’ve been told also runs the diesel webasto heater. Im guessing the make of the heater as it was impossible to find online. Is it easy to disconnect the air con form this or do i need to sell the air con unit and this along with it?

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Better off to keep it and design your build around it…


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I agree with keeping it- valuable and expensive parts. The bottom section is all the diesel heater. I don’t think it’s actually ducted into the same indoor cooling unit used for the A/C so technically you may be able to disconnect it as a separate component. But like I said, having installed both components in my van separately I would consider those both expensive and valuable assets- If they work:)

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They both definitely work.I won’t need the unit as im replacing with a maxair fan. Good to know its valuable so hopefully will be able to see it easier. Unfortunately its taking up too much space to be viable to keep. Is there a for sale page in this forum? Or should i start my own?

So without knowing the exact details of this configuration it looks like it may be connected to your primary air-conditioning unit compressor in the engine compartment. If that is a little solenoid on the line sets in the picture going to the rear AC unit it may confirm as much. In that case you have to get a professional to evacuate the charge and to isolate that section in order to remove it. It may affect the current air conditioning set up in the front of the van. You may want to research the manufacture more on this.

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