We are very excited newbies!

Hey there!

We are Life off Leash, a Wife and Husband named Sarah (27) and Trevor (28). We also have a fur baby named Scotty, who is an 11 year old Mini Golden Doodle.

We are just weeks away from purchasing our new (to us) home on wheels to be! We are total newbies, and so excited for this adventure. We plan to live full time in our vehicle of choice, and want to stay local to our jobs for a couple months before embarking on an adventure across the country.

Can’t wait to chat with everyone!


Wow. Keep us up to date:-)

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What vehicle you guys getting?

Sounds like you guys have been planning this for quite a while, how long has it been?

You guys should make a new topic and document your build on there. Would love to stay updated on your progress, the things you guys do, learn, and any tips/tricks, advice or guides you have for us. I’m sure many other newbies can really benefit from something like this. If you’re interested you create a new topic on ‘The Build’ category. and then keep posting replies as your build progresses. If you are unsure or confused on how you could do that, send me a PM and I will walk you though it
Looking forward to following your journey :blush::earth_africa:


What vehicle is your choice?

Are you doing a self build? If so Remember it will take twice as long to build and and twice as much money…! But don’t be disheartened make another tread with your build I would love to follow.
If your buying an already done vechile … what kind?

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What kind of van are you getting? And where do you plan on traveling after getting away from your work?!

We are purchasing a 24ft 1977 Dodge Sportsman Tioga (Class C Motorhome) on Monday!! A van had been our plan, but the hubby convinced me on the bathroom!

I personally have been writing out plans to do this for close to a decade, but this was an all new idea for Trevor.

We have an Instagram dedicated to our upcoming adventures, and are planning on doing some sort of blogging to documents the ins, outs, ups, and downs of being newbies in the fulltime world. So much to learn, and so many wonderful, like minded people to learn from!

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We haven’t totally mapped out our adventure yet, but volunteering with the California Wildfire restorations projects is one of our first goals, after local Oregon adventures.

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Whats your Instagram username?

That sounds like a good idea! Share some of that here as well if you get the time :slight_smile:

Our Instagram is Life.Off.Leash !

Unfortunately, the Class C we were hoping to purchase yesterday had more signs of water damage and things that needed to be replaced than he had initially let on. We don’t mind a few fixes, but everything needed to be fixed!

Our search continues. We are going to see a partially converted van on Thursday, so wish us luck! I’ll be starting a new topic talking about our search :grin:


Looking forward to seeing you guys find your dream homes.

Also, feel free to include some tips and tricks and what you have learned from your search!


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