We are seriously considering van life


Hey everybody, my husband and I have been looking into vanlife and are now seriously considering it.
The only problem is we know nothing about it, besides what we have seen on Instagram.

Any advice on what we need to know before going in?


I think the first step is to determine wheher vanlife is even for you, or if it’s the right decision.

Take a lot of time to do research!


A really good place to get started would be this blog. It goes through everything you need to know about vanlife.


Thank you so much, I will read it later today. Does anyone have anymore suggestions?


There’s so many answers to this question depending on what kind of lifestyle you’re looking for! Are you leaning towards an RV style van or a DIY conversion? Are you going to travel or stay in one area? Are you looking to full-time or just vacation in the van? There are tons tons of pros and cons to each of these, but each will require a totally different answer to what you’re asking.


@acevandura is right!

there are many many factors and sub questions to this topic. So continue asking questions and do LOTS of research if your still un sure.


Hey Sally and Mark! We have just started our journey, we are loving it! Our only recommendation is to complete the van project before hitting the road. We came from New Zealand and poor Jake has had to cut everything with a hand saw as we haven’t had access to electricity to be able to use a circular saw. X


First and foremost would be like everyone else stated before me, LOTS of research on any and every question you have. I know it sounds like alot, but this is a new lifestyle and going in unprepared can definitely put a damper on the fun you can have. But luckily for you this form is an amazing resource for all of the questions you have from what the life is like to what can do I want or even need! I hope to see you in other topics around the form!

See ya around,


From my little experience. Just know to start out will cost you around 5k to 25k. But once you have your rig you can do what ever you want with it.