Ways to make a living on the road?


Kia Ora all!

I’m Georgia :slight_smile: I’m new to this forum so heeeello all! So glad i’ve found a place to voice out all the nuts and bolts! I’ve just moved back to New Zealand this year after living most of my life abroad to explore the beautiful country I was born in ! It’s been a dream of mine for a few years now to do up a home on wheels just the way I want it to be and roll around!

I have been working the last few months, and will continue to do so, to save up sheckles to buy a decent van, do it up, and get moving by February next year (start of NZ festival season!)

Once i’m on the road i’d love to be busy with a project, creating, or contributing that might give me an income! I’ve had a few ideas such as crafting and selling at markets, or selling online, but I’d like to know if anyone has any other mentions of ways they have made an income on the road! I’m not sure I have the tech wizz to be an influencer but even open to stories about how people made this work! if they did…

Lots of love and happy cruising!


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I worked construction, and was able to get hired on almost anywhere.

Some people follow the crops.

Some people work festivals & fairs.

In tourist areas, many jobs open up during tourist season.

Regular jobs should give you time to build a reliable online income.



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Let’s see… You don’t make enough using your own strategies, so now you sell them to others…

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"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller


Well thank you for your Positivity