Water Tank Position

Just a general question. I’m looking at buying a tank with 4 fittings on one side of the tank . Can all the fittings be on the bottom side of the tank? Meaning I mount the tank upright, rather than on it’s side?

I would think not. Wouldn’t it just run back out as you fill it? I think they’d be better off on the top and then maybe run a hose to the bottom that the pump can maybe pull from? This is how we built ours. You could always add another if needed.

On a side note I find a few smaller containers better than one large one. They are portable and you don’t need a hose to fill up. You can just take them individually and fill them as needed. You know exactly what’s left when one empties. It will also save a ton over those other tanks.

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Perfect! Thanks for the recommendation. I will also think about several smaller jugs.

Really informative post.