Water pump issue

I’ve got a submersible water pump sitting in a 10-litre tank, feeding a Dometic tap – pretty standard fare for a T5 conversion I think. It’s been working fine for 12 months but now I get no water from the tap!

I can hear the microswitch kick on and the pump impeller spins but all I get from the tap is a couple of drips. I’ve checked for kinks in the pipe and that all seems to be fine.

Any ideas as to what could be the problem?

I would suggest to start with the simplest first: make sure the impeller is actually spinning, then make sure the pump is actually submerged. Next, is the pump primed or is it holding an air bubble in its housing? Lastly, is there an air leak in the line from the pump to the faucet causing the pump to lose its prime?
These may sound too basic but I have spent many hours of my career starting to troubleshoot at step 14 instead of starting at step 1.

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To clarify a little on Nancy’s comment, you might be hearing the motor spin, but whatever the motor is supposed to be powering may not be moving.

Plastic blades are notorious for stripping out. Maybe an easy DIY fix or maybe not. A cheap low power 12v aquarium pump is fine for sinks, but wimpy for showers. Dollar store trigger spray bottle work wonders and conserve water. Sat in the sun you can even have warm/hot water.

Good luck & keep us posted!


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Thanks Nancy, I can see the little impeller (the small fan like thing that is exposed to the water?) spinning when the tap is switched on. The pump is fully submerged, but I have no idea if there’s an air bubble in it - any suggestions on how I could tell - it’s a sealed unit other than the exposed impeller (I would share a link, but I’m not permitted).

The hose from the pump to the tap is sound and has no leaks and where it joins the tap and the pump are both tight.
I’m an IT engineer by trade, so absolutely get your point about starting from step1 and eliminating faults :grinning:

Any chance you could post a picture of the pump?


Is the blade turning while it’s under water? More resistance under water.

Unless it’s sucking air in, air in the line shouldn’t cause problems. Can you disconnect the pump from the hose & try to blow through it from the pump end?


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