Water filtration

Looking into ideas for water filtration for under the sink was looking at the guzzle stealth ! Was wondering if anyone has this product or another product that they use ? Wether it’s worth the money or not any info would be appreciated

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We only drink or cook with bottled water. If it’s wild water, I’ll add a cap full of bleach to it, but never use it for drinking or cooking.


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I have not used the Guzzle Stealth system, but from a look at its specs:
(1) If its only filter is 0.5 microns, you might want to consider getting a pre-filter to catch larger particles in the unfiltered water before they reach the Guzzle Stealth unit. For example, an iSpring WSP-50SL Spin Down filter, which catches particles 50 microns or larger. Such a pre-filter would make the 0.5 micron filter in the Guzzle Stealth last longer before it gets clogged.
(2) My understanding is that a UV-C dosage of 30 mJ/cm^2 is needed to kill the viruses and bacteria to an adequate degree. The Guzzle Stealth specs seem to say that dosage is achieved only if the water flow rate is reduced to 1.4 gpm. It seems at the advertised maximum flow rate of 2.2 gpm, the UV-C dosage is only a third of the required level, at 10 mJ/cm^2. So you might want to consider the flow rate of your water system to see if it can be kept at 1.4 gpm or lower, to enable the Guzzle Stealth UV-C module to deliver an adequate dosage of ultraviolet light.
(3) Some manufacturers of UV-C lamps designed to disinfect water recommend at least 12" of UV-resistant materials before and after the UV-C module, because the UV rays penetrate that far. It seems the Guzzle Stealth system is more compact than 12" in any direction. In particular, if UV rays penetrate into the filter module, with its apparently clear housing, then they could reach your eyes. UV-C causes severe damage to people’s eyes, even with very brief exposure. You might want to check with the manufacturer if the clear filter housing is polycarbonate. That would be good, because polycarbonate blocks UV-C rays.
(4) The Guzzle Stealth listing I saw says the UV-C module needs no maintenance. But some other manufacturers of UV-C lamps offer only a 12-month warranty. You might want to ask the vendor if the warranty period covers a failed UV-C lamp.

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Wow thanks a lot for your knowledge in water !! I appreciate that !! I will look into the things you mentioned , the guzzle would be more or less just filtering water from the tap! I wouldn’t be
Putting in river water or anything into my water tank to disperse into the van.

Good luck with it! Tap water would probably not need the iSpring pre-filter.