Water and Water Filtration

Hello all! Things are coming together on our van build and we were wondering about water.
We plan on using a few 5 gallon jugs to fill up and use when needed and were wondering…

Where do you typically fill up A LOT of water?
Do you think water filtration is necessary?
If you do, what would you recommend?

For water filtration we were looking at something like a Berkey (filter when we need it) or an AquaBrick Portable Water Filtration System.

Looking forward to what everyone says!


A lot depends on the source of the water. I typically fill my water jugs from a faucet under drinking fountains in parks, so I don’t filter it, but in some areas there a difference, and they will have both drinking water, and irrigation water for plants, lawns, etc. If a faucet is coming up from the ground, or at a service station, I assume it is irrigation water, and just avoid it. If a faucet is inside a building, or attached to a wall outside, I assume it is drinkable and will use it.

A bulk filter is still a good idea for emergencies, and they have ones that can attach to hoses in most camping sections. Some people filter all their incoming water because they say it tastes better. If for some reason I don’t like the taste of the water, I have a berkey pitcher that will filter my drinking water too.


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Thank you so much! That helps out a lot!

For sure flirtation is necessary.

Is there any filtration systems you would suggest?

Camco water filters are preferred by campers, RV or van owners. You can also consider Culligan and Hydro Life.


oooohhhh… FLIRTATION! Absolutely necessary… wink wink.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller

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