Waste pipe to grey tank connection

Hi all!

I’m new here and this is my first post - I’ve been putting a plan together for doing a van conversion and I think I’ve got everything planned out except I can’t figure out how to do part of the waste plumbing.

So I’m UK based and it seems the sink and shower drains are designed for 19mm waste piping, now I need to be able to secure my waste pipes to my grey water tank, I thought about just drilling a hole in the top and dropping the pipe(s) in but obviously any slosh while driving would come out the hole so that’s no good.

Now my grey water tank will have 3/4" BSP threads on it so i know i can fit a 19mm barb to it and secure a pipe to that with jubilee clips, however, the typical 19mm waste pipes here are “convoluted” pipe like so:

Now that doesn’t look like a jubilee clip would be able to seal that pipe onto a barb due to its ridges… seems like water would leak around it, so my question is, is there any reason I can’t use clear braided PVC pipe instead for my waste pipes? it should fit the 19mm connections on the bottom of the drains and a 19mm barb I could fit to the grey water tank.

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I’m in the USA, so things might be different, but it seems to me that an RV shop should have all the parts that fit together properly…

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