[WANTED!] VW T3 / T25 Owners or Knowers


Hey I was thinking it would be good to connect with fellow owners of VW T3 (T25, not sure why these models always come together, not an expert here) and “knowers” (if you know a lot about it, might just have invented a word?) to help each other with some tips and Q&A.

I have a T3 California 1.6 Diesel High top 1989.
And with that I have few issues and TONS of questions.



I myself have bought a VW t3 westy hightop as well! And its a 1.6td mine. And t3 and t25 is the same just in some country’s they call it different. Some even call it Vanagon, I think that is US. Good luck with your VW!


Sounds like a good idea. Just posted about this on our IG story. Hopefully we can get more people to hop on here.


Great, hopefully if we get some people together this could become a category? I have a long list of questions (new topics) to share with experienced T3 owners! :slight_smile:
But I think that if I start spamming t3’s questions here is gonna get messy soon


Hey Guys,
I bought a T3 in spring this year too.
I’m very happy but have lots of questions aswell.
Now I’m starting to convert it.

Its a 1981 Transporter with 37kw/50PS.


Yes we can do that.

As the Forum grows we do plan on adding/removing categories depending on what’s being used/requested/posted. We couldn’t add them all from the beginning because then it would become too crowded, confusing, and we aren’t sure which would be used most.