Want to add van type tent shower to my pu camper

I recently purchased a camper to remodel. It had no shower so I;m removing the oven and putting it next to the sink where it can access the sink hose
I saw a van shower I really like where the curtain was raised from a box and then pinned to the ceiling.
Looks like a great idea to save space and I hate walls
Do you think this was purchased or was home made.

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I’m not sure of your layout, but removing part of your kitchen seems extreme. Most people add their showers into the aisle, using a hula hoop for the shower curtain rod, and hanging it from the ceiling, then using a storage tote, bucket, or collapsible doggie bath to catch the water.

If you wanted the shower curtain rod to be square, you could make one easily out of plastic PVC conduit.

In my van, my shower curtain is also my toilet surround, and unhooks easily from the ceiling when not it use, so it doesn’t obstruct my beautiful 360° view.


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Hi @Van_Dweller ,

Quick question where does your water go in this picture?

It’s an interesting option for my wife. My son and I don’t care being outside … well during summer lols.

cheers troy


It depends where I’m at… To start with it is just captured, then in the city I will drain it into a storm drain, down the drain at a self serve car wash, or water the shrubbery with it at a park.

When boondocking, if it’s acceptable, I just drain it onto the ground, and if it’s not acceptable, I’ll use the Burning Man method of evaporation, or use it in my swamp cooler after filtering it through a T shirt.


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Did you design your own swamp cooler, or purchase a commercial unit? That might be an option for my build.

Best regards, Kralik


I’ve both bought them & built them depending on what I wanted or needed at any given point in time.

They’re pretty cheap, simple, & easy to build, but they are also commercially available, in both portable models, and also ones designed to replace a standard roof vent.

My swamp coolers typically used under 2a @ 12vdc, my current peltier powered heat pump uses closer to 5a @ 12vdc. The advantage is that you never need to add water, and it has a thermostat. It cost about $100 at the big RV show in Quartzsite a couple of years ago. It was a gift to me from a friend.

I really like it, even though it uses a little more power, because I can set it to 72°F and forget about it. It will automatically switch between heating & cooling to maintain the desired temperature. It’s portable with a ciggy lighter plug. It’s especially great for hot days & cold nights, just set it & forget it, with no manual switching between a heating & cooling.

For a short time, I had a candle powered heater/cooler that needed no other power. It was an experimental model made by a different friend. Now THAT was a perfect solution for nomads. Unfortunately, it sprouted legs and walked off. That along with a broken window was my reward for sharing the technology at one of Bob Wells’ RTR’s. They stole almost all of the goodies that I had shared info about.


"The road to success is often littered with failures." ~ Rubber Tramp