Wall mounted toilet


I have never seen anyone use wall mounted toilet in a camper van

I plan to route the plumbing straight to the black water tank which can be emptied by a 3" “gate”.

The toilet uses only 0.6L / 0.15 gallons of water per flush so I don’t see a problem there.

The black water tank needs to be vented outside - am I correct? I plan to rise the toilet floor and mount the black water tank under the floor.

Is there anything else I have to consider?


I’m not sure I understand any advantages of a wall mount???


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If it has an air vent, which it should to vent sewer gas, I would definitely vent the black water tank to the outside. If the tank is store-bought (not DIY) there may be instructions that come with it. Everything else should be pretty straightforward. The toilet should have some kind of air trap to keep odors out of the van; if not, then install a U-curve in the drain to do that, such as what you see under a sink, but bigger, with the downstream side of it vented to the outside (air vent, above the level of the tank). Home type toilets have the air trap built-in, and yours may too judging by the picture.