Wall framing suggestions?

Helping a buddy start renovating his van and still in the beginning stages, was looking for any tips or advice for framing the walls!


use the ribs for the framing. no need for additional framing

I used 1x2 strappping where I was only going to be mounting a single edge of a panel and 1 x 3 where I was going to be seaming two panels together.

With the use of the Kreg pocket screw system I was able to add uprights where I needed them as well.

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If you have enough ribs, you can simply run furring strips across them and then mount to those.

If you don’t have enough ribs, or none where you need them, you can make new ones out of wood and glue them to the metal wall, then use them just like the metal ribs. Added ribs are one of the few things I’d actually use 2"x4" 's for, for added strength.