Walkable Roof Storage

Hi guys, I’m new to this forum.

Just bought a 2015 ford transit connect and am beginning the design process for the minivan. I wanted to add some roof storage to get all my outdoor equipment out of the van because there’s quite a bit of it. I was thinking it would be pretty ideal if I could sit on the roof of my van and was wondering if anyone had some ideas that would allow storage while being weight bearing.

I’m pretty confident in my ability to manufacture something of the likes myself while having the added benefit of making it relatively low profile and cheaper. I know a lot of folks are pretty adamant about the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid) and was wondering what thoughts were on the concept from people with more experience than myself.
Thanks for the help!

Greetings & Welcome!

It looks lke you can get a full length roof rack for it, butI’d be really leery of putting full body weight up there.


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