VW Crafter DIY Conversion from Germany

Hey guys!
We are Julez(23) Dominik (30) and Paul (3) and we are from Frankfurt in germany :call_me_hand:t3:

We converted a vw Crafter in 30 days and thats what it looks like now😎
There is a selfmade shower a roofrack with solar panels and everything else we need on the road:)
More pictures you can see on our Instagram and YouTube! Just search for FREUNDSHIP :sunglasses:

If you have questions feel free to ask​:heart::call_me_hand:t3:


30 days!!! I’ve been doing mine for 365 days and still not finished :frowning:️. Well done​:grinning:

Yeah 30 days is hell of a build! Congrats!

Wow, your vanbuild looks amazing! We’re just about to start our conversion and hope to do at least as good as you did!

Where did you guys get those vinyl/stickers from?