Video of Van Creation!


Hey everyone! I made a video of our van construction project if you’re interested in how we built it out! We bought the bright red van for about $3,500 USD (2007 Citroen Jumper w/ 300,000 km) and spent a little under $3,000 USD for the remaining construction, turning it camper camouflage :joy:. It was a 10 week project, working 14 hour days… We did all the electrical, insulation, furniture, plumbing and projector ourselves to save on cash.

Let me know what you think! (We posted to my Czech BF’s YouTube channel, that’s why the title isn’t in English)


Greetings & Welcome!

A lot of work!

I liked how you reinforced where you installed roof vents, even though I despise any holes in roofs.

Having built numerous campers out myself, I now have switched to modular, move it in rather than build it in builds, as well as passenger vans that require no finishing of the floor/walls/ceiling, just remove the rear seats and move your new interior in.

Hats off to many fine adventures with your creation!


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Amazing build indeed!

If you guys could go back and do something differently, what would it be?
Thanks for sharing!


I think we would do some of the insulation differently. We cut the material into pieces to fit it around the medial cutouts of the van, but that metal has acted as a thermal bridge, noticeable especially in the winter. We’ve managed to stuff a lot of areas with wool and expandables, but I think next time we would start the process differently. Luckily we don’t spend much time in cold places!


Ahh I see. What material did you guys insualte with? Was it wool?



Thermal bridges are often overlooked, and many consider that to be more important than insulation in general.


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Awesome job! I just started our vanbuild yesterday and plan on making videos too. Nice to help others and document all the hard work out into it! :slight_smile: - Kelly