Vent Portable AC through Minivan Floor?

Is this a bad idea for any reason assuming I can find a good spot on the undercarriage? I have plenty of experience in campers and converted a van that I lived in for months years ago. This time I’m converting a minivan to use while on the road workiing. So a comfort while sleeping is key. So is being semi-stealth in situations that require me to be in Walmart parking lots etc. Much of my work on the road is actually at Walmarts which is what inspired me to try to pull this off. I’ve already been sleeping in my hatchback at Walmarts (sometimes parked elsewhere when working). I’m ready to step it up. My thought is to tactfully cover/somewhat hide a generator on the roof of a minivan with a plastic cover or something. Not sure yet. I may secure and leave it there permanently or just put it there when getting ready to sleep. And run a cord to a portable ac inside. Walmarts usually allow you to sleep in vehicles mind you so not overly worried about doing it this way but the more stealth the better. I mention all this in case anyone has any additional input but my big question is - Why not just vent the portable ac through the floor? I know I can rig it up to exhaust out the window or cut a hole in the roof and get a roof ac or rig up a window unit to hang out the window. But both those options seem less ideal. Portable ac venting through the bottom seems stealthier, less likely to have leaks, more manageable etc. Sure, I will need to get the generator situated on the roof (or somewhere outside). Still seems like the best option. Any reason not?

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In my humble opinion a 12v indirect swamp cooler is a much better choice. The indirect type works just as good as a energy hog compressor air conditioner, even in humid areas. Mine uses a little under 2 amps on high, and a little under 1 amp on low, which is where it is usually set. Like an A/C, indirect swamp coolers also act as dehumidifiers.

Mine sits in the front passenger seat, and is vented out the passenger window. It is extremely quiet, and basically unnoticeable. Since my van never had factory A/C, I even use it while driving.

Here, south of Miami, FL at 7pm, it is 77°f outside @ 91% humidity. It is 70°f inside my van @ 30% humidity. Quite comfortable.


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