Vanspace 3D: really bad product, even worse customer service

Hi everyone! I’d like to advert you on this in case you guys want to avoid my mistake.

I’ve recently bought the Vanspace3D lifetime license and I was really surprised about the poor quality of the application. The user experience is really poor, there’re no measures, the furniture and accessories ar generic, they don’t exist in real life and there isn’t a nice and easy way to place them on the van… Considering how nicely they advert the app on media I even think this could be consider as a scam app.

In addition to that, when I asked for a refund they rejected it with a despotism and arrogance that surprised me even more.

I hope no many more people fall into this trap.

Good luck and have fun!

Basically the same experience. Useless. No free trial should be a dead give away.

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