Vanlife whilst still working

Hi all

Wondering if there are any other answers to my continuing dilemma

I want to live in a van I’ve given myself 3 years to buy renovate and move into my new home.
Just got a few problems to iron out which for the most part are keeping me awake at night and causing me some considerable stress.

Ok so at present I’m staying with my girlfriend this is not a longterm option (don’t ask)
I’m still working as a motorcycle courier in London and I’m trying to get my wedding photography business off the ground, these are the only two sources of income I have at present.

My issues start when I try to think of how I’m going to get around the problem of parking my van up in the daytime whilst I’m at work, I cant park in London as the vehicle will not meet the strict ULEZ restrictions.

So I’m looking to park on the outskirts and ride into work. I’m very reticent to park up on the street for fear of theft burglary and damage.

There are schemes to pay and reserve parking places and this is an option I’m looking into.
However, this is usually on someone’s drive. These are rolling contracts and can be longterm.

So, the only thing I can think of right now is to park on the reserved place, go to work ride back to the park up, replace the van for the bike drive to a spot (that I’ve sought out) for the night, then drive back park up and go to work… rinse & repeat for the working week with the story of I have a nighttime security job that allows me to park up on the site, I sleep in the day at home but there is nowhere to park the campervan hence the coming and going. Weekends I would take off somewhere. leaving the bike locked up on the space ive paid for.

I’m fully prepared to do that whilst I’m working a regular job, however, I do need to seek out an income that allows me to quit the day job and live in the van fulltime whilst generating an income.

I’m looking into the various jobs I could do this could include working remotely from the laptop following seasonal work working hard in the summer to save for the winter so I don’t have to work,

then there are the weddings it’s not going to be feasible for me to drive to a wedding so I’m going to have to continue running a motorcycle that means having a garage for when it’s not in use. luckily all my camera gear fits on a bike.

I’m leaning towards choosing an area that’s suitable as a base, where I can pay to park, and also rent a garage, that also offers suitable places to park up overnight undisturbed.
This is where I am right now . . . . . luckily for me I’ve given myself lots of time to iron out all this stuff I was just wondering if anyone has some other suggestions

many thanks


I don’t remember what you’re currently paying for rent, or exactly what’s available in your area, but I would check out monthly RV spots if they’re available. In the USA monthly spots with full hookups, bathrooms w/showers, a storage shed, and possibly on-site coin-op laundry can be pretty cheap. Some places even have more ammenties, like a rec room, exercise room, swimming pools, jacuzzi’s, etc.

You could probably lock your bike in the shed at such places, and have full electric, water, & more.

I also have friends that get paid quite well to be overnight security in their vans or RV’s. If there’s problems, they just call the cops.


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yes ive looked into RV spots in the UK good news is there are loads of them with amenities such as showers and laundry etc . .


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