Vanlife Project!


Hi! My names Jodie, I’m not currently on the road but I have plans to be soon.

I’ve had this little idea in my head and was wondering if anyone would be intesrest in it?

I love helping people and inspiring people to be the best they can be, so for a while I’ve wanted to go on a van tour and and do lots of different charity type things around the US and also start a youtube channel to encourage others to help people along their journeys as well. However, I want to do it with a group of people, maybe a couple different solo travelers, families, or couples all with vans traveling across the states together making a difference.

Theres still more work that needs to be put into it but yeah! Thanks for reading my rambling :heart::blush:


Everything starts off as an idea, so did ProjectVanlife. And look at where it is today.

Love your ideas and passion. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey :heart::grinning:


Sounds super interesting. Would love to connect with you guys!


You can email me at: jlcarter0500@gmail-dot-com


Sounds super awesome! Keep us updated on anymore plans/ideas you have about this!


Good luck with the journey. Love your intentions :+1::ok_hand:


No such thing as rambling, your opening up subjects for discussion. It’s a noble cause and a great way to get the community recognized as a caring group of people. It’s just an idea now but with the subject being discussed and plans made reality isn’t far off. Let’s get some ideas going and see how we can implement them.



There is a group called “Mobile Ministries” doing exactly that, they give a lot of help to the homeless. I have traveled and worked with several groups of them along my journeys. Seems like I ran into them in Minneapolis, Detroit, Portland, and Seattle. I volunteer to help the homeless whenever I find myself with nothing to do, but not quite ready to move yet. It’s a great and worthwhile cause.