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My name is Inaki Mendoza, 50 years old. I live in Miami FL. I joined this community because I have being always intrigued by the life in a camper, with social media showing me a lot of post about this topic, I’ve finally decided to do a deeper investigation to see if i have what it takes to build my own van. My purpose is not to live in a van but to have a constant weekend and vacation get away where I can go where ever me and my wife want. Since I’m not only new but completely ignorant on this i could use all the help and advice that anyone can give me.
Thank you


Greetings & Welcome!

For most people, a cheap, older motorhome is a much better choice, and you can still be a part of our community here.

Most of the videos you will find were made by people with zero experience, and without skills or experience, DIY is a terrible choice unless you’re in a position of having no other choice.

Contrary to what some would have you believe, cargo vans are not stealthy. They attract cops, security guards, thieves, vandals, and complaints. Meanwhile, nobody gives a second thought to someone in an obvious camper, because that’s normal.


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