Vanlife Newbie saying hello

Introduce Yourself… Hello all! Not quite a newbie, although a newbie to this community. During my childhood, my parents bought a 1974 Dodge Tradesman brand new with a 318. It was a cargo van that my Dad customized himself with carpeting, wood paneling and a bench seat that turned into a bed. I learned to work on that van before i learned to drive. My current project a 2002 Chevy Express van Class C motorhome. I’m a GM dealership factory master smog mechanic and have been for over 20 years. Also, building a Harley and a circle track car. As you can tell, I work, live and breathe this stuff. Besides my project, I hope to contribute meaningful knowledge to my fellow LIFERS.


Welcome to the forum! We’re looking forward to hearing about your project(s).

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Greetings & Welcome!

I’m currently living in a high top 1973 Dodge Travco camper van that had been gutted when I bought it. The reliable 318 engine & 727 tranny are approaching 500k trouble free miles with only normal maintenance as required.

I restored the original floor & walls, but kept my new interior modular & portable. With over 50 years of living on wheels, it has kept me happy and comfortable for the last 11 years.


"Old school, cheap, simple, reliable, and easily replaceable for the win!" ~ Traveler@Heart