VanLife Movie, in Production Jan 2019

Hi there, I’m Drew Buzz and I’m making a movie. Not just any movie… its “the VanLife movie”. This will be a full length feature film documentary on Van Life, as told by you, the VanLifers. I will be taking the complete film to more than 40 international film festivals and shopping it to networks and streaming services.

I am on a very ambitious filming schedule in Jan 2019.

Filming Locations:

  • RTR, Quartsite AZ Jan 9-12
  • Slab City, Coachella CA Jan 14, 16
  • Indio CA Jan 17-25

I want to have more than 400 vanlifers interviewed for this film by the end of march, 2019. If you would like to be featured in the film, support the movie or help in anyway, just visit vanlifemovie dot com or contact me personally. Thanks

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